Monkess the Homunculus by Seth Hahne

61VBE9PkNRL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_Takeaway: Monkess the Homunculus has the wonder of childhood, in graphic novel form.

I do not read a ton of children’s book. My daughter is just starting to get to the point of reading slightly longer picture books and I think that this one is just a bit longer than she is ready for.

But I picked a couple of these books up to give as Christmas presents. I found them because Seth Hahne is the illustrator for Christ and Pop Culture magazine (which I very much recommend as well). He is a fantastic illustrator and did this book as a Kickstarter and published it last year.

You can see the whole book on the video below, but I am glad that I bought a couple and kept one to read with my daughter in a few months when she is a little bit older.

The art and story are very good, but I was honestly surprised about how good the quality of the hardback and paper were. This is much better than most children’s books. I picked three of them up for $10 each in a Christmas sale, but this is totally worth the full price.

Monkess the Homunculus, a children’s graphic novel by Seth T. Hahne from Seth Hahne on Vimeo.

Monkess the Homunculus by Seth Hahne Purchase Links: Hardcover (from Amazon) or directly from Seth Hahne

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