Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

UnknownSummary: Neil Patrick Harris plays with the old choose your own adventure format while telling his own story.

I like Neil Patrick Harris. He seems like a genuinely nice guy and for the most part, this book makes me like him even more.

I listened to the audiobook (it was part of my Scribd subscription). So I did not really get choose my own way through the book.  The audiobook runs straight through, with a few hints to the format (it introduces the next two or three sections at once in a teaser format.) True to the format there are lots of fake death scenes and as a good celebrity bio, it is funny. (Everyone that I know that commented on this prior to my reading it, read it straight through anyway.)

It was occasionally a bit tedious, I was a bit bored through the description of the fourth time he hosted the Emmy’s after good descriptions of the previous three. But I was engaged for most of the book.

Neil Patrick Harris, once he came out publicly, has been the model of a family man. He and his partner have twins. They have a long term, fairly standard relationship and Harris has a bit of the every man persona that I think makes almost everyone like him.

He has worked hard for his fame, but also been quite lucky. I hope he continues to do well. If you like your celebrity autobiography with a bit of quirkyness (and some clear ghostwriting help), this isn’t a bad one.

I still do not think I have read a better celebrity autobiography than Bossypants, but this was one of the better ones.

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