Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (Read Again)

I am reposting my review of Neverwhere because it is the Kindle Daily Deal and on sale for $2.99.
Neverwhere by Neil GaimanTakeaway: Is comfortable better?

After I reviewed Neil Gaiman’s latest novel (The Ocean at the End of the Lane), I started having friends ask for recommendations of other Gaiman books.  So I decided I should go back and re-read some of those books that I keep recommending.

My traditional advice with Gaiman is that is you like the adult fairy tales, then you start with Stardust, then read Neverwhere or The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  Then read his creepy kids book Coraline.

But if you like Gaiman’s alternative takes of mythology, then read American Gods, Good Omens and Anansi Boys.

Neverwhere is the story of a man (Richard) that has a comfortable, but plain life in London. When he stumbles on Door (a young woman that is bleeding on the sidewalk in front of him). He is introduced to the world of London Below.  And suddenly his life in London Above is not quite the same.

This is a traveling quest story.  Door needs to find someone that can help her figure out who killed her family (and why).  All the while keeping herself from getting killed by assassins.  This is not as much a fairy tale as The Ocean at the End of the Lane or Stardust, but it has some of those elements.  It has a reluctant hero that comes through in the end.  There are monsters and evil forces.  There is fairly clear markers of good and evil.

Previously I have listened to the audiobook, watched the BBC mini-series and this time I read the kindle book.  This is not a book where there was great new insights from reading the book again.  But I did enjoy the subtle humor that I am sure I got the first time in the audiobook, but that I had just forgotten.  Gaiman is often a very funny author, but that is not what I usually remember about him.

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