New Bible Reading Strategy

I have been hit over and over and over again lately about how important it is to be intentional and regular in my bible study.  I have read through the bible multiple times.  I have a seminary degree and was a class short of a theology minor in college.  But I feel like scripture is more a knowledge thing than something that is in my soul.  What I can tell about most of the spiritual writers I read is that the real meaning of scripture has seeped into them.

So for the next year I am going to try a bible reading suggestion that I read recently.  I am going to spend six month at a time on a single book.  So my goal is 1) to read four books (mostly commentaries) about a particular book of the bible.  2) Read the book at least 10 times during the six months.  3) Memorize at least 10 verses of the book.  The goal is not study, it is soul work.

The first book of the bible I am starting with is Luke.  I was inspired by reading Lucky.  It was a good book on a small portion of Luke.

The first commentary (which I am about half way through now) is by John MacArthur.  It was a free give away on kindle a year or so ago and I have not read it yet.  I am not a huge fan of MacArthur, but I want to intentionally read different perspectives so I can push myself.

I know two of the other three books that I want to read.  Michael Card has a new book called Luke: The Gospel of Amazement.  It has some very good reviews and I am excited to read it.  I also have not read any of N.T. Wright’s popular commentary books.  So I will read Luke for Everyone.  For some reason, most of that series is available for kindle, but this one is not.  Hopefully it will be ready when I am.

Does anyone else know of a good commentary or other book on Luke?

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