New Kindle Speculation

Kindle 4July 31st (the rumored for a Amazon Press conference for new kindle models) has come and gone.  But there are still speculation that new kindles are probably not far off.

1) There are still a number of rumors that Amazon is going to launch a new version of the Kindle Fire (most likely more storage, a better screen and a faster processor).  With the launch of the Google Nexus Tablet Amazon continues to lose market share in the 7 inch tablet arena.

2) The lighted Nook is still a very attractive alternative to the current batch of eink Kindles and Amazon will need to introduce a lighted Kindle to complete.

3) The current generation of eink kindles have been out of stock.  Right now the 3G Touch is only available as a refurbished model and the regular Kindle Touch is only available new.  The Kindle 4 and the Kindle with Keyboard are both available new, but not refurbished.  And the somewhat odd sized Kindle DX is on sale today for $269 ($110 off).

All of this may still mean absolutely nothing.  But I think that it is a sign that the new kindle models are right around the corner.

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