The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus

Summary: A competition/duel between two magicians that work at the Night Circus, a circus that arrives without warning and only occurs at night.

My feelings about this book fluctuated depending on where I was in the story. The Night Circus is about a strange competition between magicians that is played out in the happenings of a mysterious circus that is only open at night. The closest novel/movie that I can compare it to is The Prestige. Like The Prestige, this movie has many dark moments and revolves around the deep desires and emotions of the two main characters, the two competing magicians. The novel was slow getting started for me, had a lot of intrigue in the middle and then the ending left me kinda flat. The novel was filled with a lot of great detail and I felt like I was able to easily picture the scenes in my head. The ending was a little confusing and not nearly as exciting as I would have expected. As I listened to the book, I did enjoy the narrator and felt that he did a good job giving personality to each of the characters. There were a few characters that sounded very similar and so it was at times difficult to know who was talking but otherwise he did a good job. I liked the book okay and might recommend it to someone who enjoys reading about real life magicians and mystery.

The Night Circus Purchase Links: Hardcover, Kindle Edition, Audiobook, Paperback (not available until July 3, 2012)

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