Night School by Mari Manciusi

Night School (A Blood Coven Vampire Novel)Takeaway: Teen vampire books don’t all have to be overly concerned with Team Edward/Team Jacob to be good.

Purchase Links: Paperback, Kindle Edition – Not lendable – 256 pages in print

This was a free kindle book.  I have read Twilight and some of the other teen vampire books so I have some context about the current vampire craze.  This is more Buffy the Vampire Slayer than Twilight.  Very referential and aware of its campy-ness.  It was pretty funny.  And considering I was coming in on book 5 (didn’t realize that when I picked it up or when I started reading) it was fine as a stand alone book.  I actually might read some of the others.  It was good for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The background is that Rayne (pronouced Rain) and her twin sister (Summer, yes they know it is ridiculous) have just found out that they are Fairies (they thought their parents were hippies).  Actually they are Fairy Princesses.  Their mother was in line to be queen but escaped to be with their Dad who was her bodyguard instead of marrying someone she did not like.  Previous to this (in the earlier books), Rayne decided she wanted to become a vampire, but through a mistake her twin sister became the vampire.  Summer was saved (and is no longer a vampire), but fell in love with the head of the vampire coven.  Then Rayne was told she was in line to be the next vampire slayer.  She trains and ends up joining the cheer-leading squad to take out a bunch of cheerleader werewolves.  Then Rayne became a vampire, but without most of the super powers.  Now she has to deal with the fact that she, a self consciously goth girl, who is also a vampire, and a vampire slayer, with a boyfriend that is the general of the vampire coven, while on the payroll of Slayer, Inc (the vampire slayer corporation) is now in line to become Fairy Queen because her grandmother, whom she has never met, was assassinated by the bad fairies.

It is as fun and silly as you might think.  References to Buffy and the Cullens and Disney Princesses are all throughout the book.  It was well worth the free I paid for it.  Maybe even worth the money that it costs to buy it now.

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