Off Site Review: Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus

Walking in the Dust of Rabbi JesusIf I am going to highlight book reviews from other sites, you might as well highlight book reviews about books that are currently on sale.  Walking in the Dust on Rabbi Jesus is currently on sale for $2.99 for kindle.

Brian LePort, is a serious scholar and blogger at NearEmmaus.  Most of the books that Brian reviews are of the academic sort that I rarely pick up and even more rarely understand.  But he reviews Lois Tverberg’s book pretty well.  Tverberg is trying to take a lot of the academic history and package it for a lay leader.  There are many important things going on in the academic world that take years to work their ways into the pulpits.  This is a pretty long review so I am going to just quote his concluding thoughts.  But the rest is worth reading.

This book would be a great resource for small group leaders or the Sunday school class of a local church. I think Lois Tverberg has a lot of helpful points to make that evangelicals ought to hear and she puts it in the type of readable format that allows her to gain an audience. It is an enjoyable read. It is applicable. It is pastoral. It is informative. I learned from it and I imagine others will as well.

read the rest at nearemmaus


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