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Article imageEarlier this year, a friend tweeted that her 6 year old daughter had started reading her husband’s Manga (comic book) bible.  She also was reminded that the bible is rated-R and not appropriate for all children.

A few days ago, Christian Century posted a review of several children’s bible, for a variety of ages.  I have not read any of the children’s bibles reviewed, but the article is very helpful.  (By the way, one of my favorite children’s bibles is The Big Picture Bible.)

When my son was very small, his favorite story in The Beginner’s Bible was the one about Rahab from the book of Joshua. It must have been because of the pictures: Rahab shrugging her shoulders innocently at the city soldiers while the Israelites’ bulbous eyes peer down from under a thatched roof; then the Israelites clambering down a rope while Rahab leans precariously out a window. The heroine is cute, blonde and dressed in a pink robe. She rushes to her eventual husband at the end of the story in cheerful exuberance. It’s a nice story about rescuing the good guys from the bad guys.

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