Offsite Review: A Killer in the Wind by Andrew Klavan

A Killer in the Wind by Andrew Klavan
John Wilson, the editor of Books and Culture Magazine is the one that originally introduced me to Andrew Klavan.  Klavan has written a number of thriller and mystery books but has concentrated on the Christian book world, especially young adult over the past few years. has reviewed his Homelanders Series, and two of his standalone novels, Crazy Dangerous (young adult) and Identity Man (adult).  These books are not evangelistic or overtly Christian, they are thrillers with characters that happen to be Christian and a redeeming arc to the story.

Klavan’s newest, A Killer in the Wind, is out and John Wilson has a review at Books and Culture.

The title of Andrew Klavan’s sizzling new novel has three meanings. “We had gotten a warrant a week before. Out of Tennessee,” recalls Klavan’s narrator and protagonist, Dave Champion, who works for the Sheriff’s Department in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation. “A killer in the wind. Frank Bagot, his name was. He had beaten a girl to death in Nashville—God knows why. Had outrun the police when they moved in on him, shooting one officer in the leg, shattering his shinbone. He was armed and dangerous, without much to lose. And I had a feeling from the start he’d be heading my way.”

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