Offsite Review: A Little Book for New Theologians by Kelly Kapic

A Little Book for New TheologiansI keep meaning to pick up A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology by Kelly Kapic.  It is a small book, only 126 pages.  And cheap, only $4.93 right now on kindle.  I have seen several very positive reviews of it, but I have tried to limit my purchases to buying what I can reasonably read in the next week or two so I don’t buy a bunch of books that I never get around to reading.  But this review (IVP posted a link to in from their facebook page), makes me want to move it up my reading list.

The fact that “theology” gets such a bad wrap within the church may be owing more to the theologian than the subject itself. You see, doing theology well depends on being a certain kind of theologian, and the failure to be that kind of theologian is what leads to dry, useless, and oppressive theology. As a professor of theology at Covenant College, Kelly Kapic knows this. A Little Book for New Theologians looks at some of these often overlooked principels for “doing theology.” It is the perfect tool for introducing new theologians to the discipline itself.

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