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After YOu Believe: Why Christian Character Matters by NT WrightI have not read a lot of NT Wright lately, but I have read many of his books.  One of the important parts of reading an author widely is that you can see a broad view of their theology (or whatever they write about.)  But because you always read with your own perspective, you will miss things that others, with a different perspective see in the same text.

As anyone that reads much by me, I am not reformed.  But I do take seriously reformed perspectives.  One of the really well written reformed blogs is Mockingbird.  It is particularly good at reviewing (and thinking theologically) about contemporary film, TV, literature and cultural trends.

Recently Mockingbird posted a review of NT Wright’s After You Believe (which was titled Virtue Reborn in the UK.)  I have started (but not finished) After You Believe twice.  Both times I just got distracted by other books.  And both times I picked it up after I had already read a number of Wright’s books recently.

Will McDavid takes a very different critique (that I do not in the end agree with) of Wright.  If you have read a lot of Wright, you might find this review interesting.

You also might be interested in Wright’s Justification: God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision.  It is directly a response to Reformed critiques of Wright’s understanding of Justification.  It is currently on sale for kindle for $3.99.

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I read that quickly but it seems a particularly poor/uncharitable review. To say sanctification-heavy when addressing American Christianity makes me shiver in its wrongness and to ignore the exceptional Biblical exegesis Wright does (after the introduction that might be slowing down your reading of the book) to comment on his passing use of Aristotle is to miss the forest for a tree. And what comes across as the review author’s view of sanctification seems mighty slim indeed.

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