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Altared:  The True Story of How a She, a He, and How they Both Got Worked Up about WeOne of my favorite blogs for a wide range of thoughtful posts is  Matthew Lee Anderson and other bloggers consistently cause me to think about topics from a Christian view point.  Matt is also the author of Earthen Vessels ( Reviews) and an all around nice guy.  It is one of the great pleasures of blogging that I get to digitally meet so many authors.  Matt is one of the ones that I most enjoy and I look forward to actually running into him in person some day.

He has a great review of the book Altared:  The True Story of How a She, a He, and How they Both Got Worked Up about We today.  Altared is a book that is co-written by a couple that dated and chose not to get married. I have consistently heard good things about the book and Matt’s review has moved it up my to-read list.

Let me lay this out clearly for you, so there is no confusion:  This is not only one of the best books written by folks my age that I have read.  It is also a searingly thoughtful, earnestly heartfelt examination of how many young people in the church learn to think about sex and marriage set alongside a refreshingly biblical alternative.

Altared is the tale of how two young folks met, fell in love, and then decided not to marry.  Yes, that gives away the ending.  But no, it doesn’t ruin the book.  Not. At. All.  Their reflections on loneliness and solitude, on forgiveness and love, on learning to love God before and within learning to love another–they have lived out the story and given to us the meaning.

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