Offsite Review: Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HDI am a regular reader of the blog. It is a great technology blog focused on church staff and volunteers.  I even have posted there once or twice. The owner of, Eric Dye, reviewed the Amazon Kindle Fire HD that he bought for his daughters.  It is a decidedly mixed review, which I think fits the Kindle Fire.  My sister-in-law who bought the 8.9 version is not happy with it six months later.  She will keep using it, but will most likely replace it with an iPad when it needs replacing.

Here is Eric’s review:

Since its arrival, I’ve had the chance to see it go through the paces and see how it performs compared to Apple’s offerings and other tablets on the market.

My first impressions were not overwhelming. The build of the Kindle Fire HD 7-in tablet is nothing special. It’s got nothing on Apple and other Android builds. The positive side to this, is you don’t feel like you’re holding such an expensive device! Then again, you’re not. On the flip-side, it doesn’t feel like you’re going to break it.

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