Offsite Review: Do We Worship the Same God edited by Miroslav Volf

Do We Worship the Same God edited by Miroslav VolfMiroslav Volf wrote a fairly controversial book a couple years ago called Allah: A Christian Response (I have not read it).  From what I have read about the book he was trying to make concrete the ideas that he raised in Exclusion and Embrace and later in Free of Charge about reconciliation and and love in response to other religious people.  In Allah, Volf was exploring the idea about whether Christian and Muslims are worshiping the same God.

In Do We Worship the Same God? Jews, Christians and Muslims in Dialogue, Volf continues the question by asking three Christian theologians, two Jewish scholars and a Muslim scholar to write essays about that question.

Bob Cornwall has an interesting review of the book over and Englewood Book of Review.  Here is the opening paragraph:

Jews, Christians, and Muslims all claim Abraham as a spiritual ancestor, but do these self-proclaimed children Abraham worship the same God?  There are those within each of these communities that would affirm this proposition, but many others who would reject this idea.  There is a related question – does our ability to live together in peace require us to affirm each other has essentially co-religionists?  Granted that each faith community might understand God’s nature differently and worship differently; do we need to find sufficient common ground to overcome any deep-seated animosity?

continue reading the rest of the review at Englewood Book of Reviews

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