Offsite Review: Fruit at Work by Chris Evans

Fruit at Work by Christ EvansWork, the stuff that the average Christian does to support themselves and their families, is often undervalued by the church except as a means for funding those that work for the church full time.  That is not the way that Christianity officially thinks about work.  Joanna at has a review of the book Fruit at Work: Mixing Christian Virtues with Business by Chris Evans.

There seems to be quite a few books coming out lately about how Christian faith should shape how we think about and undertake our work. This interest in the topic is a great development as there has been a tendency among Christians to undervalue “secular” work. Chris Evans adds to the discussion in Fruit at Work by exploring how the fruit of the spirit as found in Galatians 5 can be put into practice in a workplace environment. Following a few introductory chapters, a chapter is dedicated to each of the fruit of the spirit. He provides explanation of what the bible means by each of the fruit and explanation of how it might be applied in the workplace, along with plenty of helpful real life examples.

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