Offsite Review: Good Busy by Julia Scatliff O’Grady

Julia Scatliff O’Grady - Good BusyI am not the most driven person around.  In fact, I am pretty lazy.  Apart from reading, I tend to procrastinate on just about everything.  I like to say that I am just trying to be balanced, but that is just not really true.

Chris Smith, editor of Englewood Review of books has an interesting review of Good Busy: Productivity, Procrastination and the Endless Pursuit of Balance by Julia Scatliff O’Grady.  It is currently on sale for $2.99, so you should head over to Englewood Review of Books, read the review and pick up the book.

The creation story of Genesis provides for us an image of a God who lives in rhythms of work and rest.  We cannot understand the Sabbath without a rich understanding of our belonging to a god who works.  In the vision of Christian faithfulness that we are calling Slow Church, we name the pathologies in Western Culture around our understandings of work, particularly our tendencies toward both overworking and avoiding certain kinds of work that we deem difficult or beneath us.  Following the creation story, we need a concept of time that values both good, hard work and Sabbath rests, in which we learn to trust in the providence of God and to bear witness to the liberating reign of God on earth as it is in heaven.

continue reading the rest of the review of Good Busy by Julia Scatliff O’Grady at Englewood Review of Books

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