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holy-bible-cover-649x1024Most of the time I really look for good reviews of good books.  I tend to not post negative offsite reviews because I am trying to help people find good books to read.

But this is just funny.  Andy Darnell tweeted the link to this yesterday and I had to pass it on.  This of this review of the Bible as if you were completely ignorant of what the bible is all about.  It is good (or maybe I am just a bit odd.)

“Review of The Holy Bible horror anthology compiled by executive editor Emperor Constantine and the associate editors of the Council of Nicaea and the Council of Trent. The work has been republished by a number of companies based in Nashville, Tennessee.”

by Jay Wilburn


The Holy Bible is a horror anthology of epic scale and length. Competition to have a story included in this publication was stiff with many submissions considered and many authors’ works were included multiple times including most notably Paul of Tarsus, but also Luke, John, Peter, Solomon, and others.

I was surprised that though this anthology has been out for a while and has been widely read that there were no comprehensive, standard reviews to be found. I will attempt to rectify that now.

The anthology is split into two main sections. Many of the stories are reprints. All were translated from other languages so different editions of this anthology can have strikingly different wordings. The publication was compiled ahead of modern editing and publishing practices.

These editors attempted something quite ambitious with this anthology beyond just the size and scope. They attempted to use the works of these different authors to tell a broader narrative of a secret history of the universe.

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