Offsite Review: Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power

Playing God by Andy CrouchThe year is not over, but Andy Crouch’s new book Playing Good: Redeeming the Gift of Power is definitely on my short list of best books I have read this year.  I am still trying to figure out how to write up a review.  There will be lots of good reviews of it over the next few months.  Crouch is well respected and widely known in the Christian literary world and the content of the book is controversial enough that there are many things to say about.

So until I figure out how to review it myself, I thought this review by David Swanson was a good take on why this is an important book.

Playing God by Andy Crouch is a really good book. I’d heard the author allude to this project a couple of years back, if memory serves, and had been anticipating it ever since. As a white man who serves a multi-ethnic church in a predominately African-American neighborhood, I’ve thought about power a lot. I was curious what Crouch would say about it and am happy to report that his insights are fresh, theologically nuanced, and utterly intelligible. I assume many people will read this book and be helped by it.

There will be plenty of thoughtful reviews of Playing God; rather than add to that pile I’ll share a few reasons why this book benefitted me and a few questions it raised.

As Crouch points out repeatedly, power, when it’s talked about at all, is generally perceived negatively. For most of us, power is assumed to be a a zero sum game: one’s attainment of power is equal to another’s loss of power. Crouch points back to the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche as the most influential proponent of this view. In Nietzsche’s world we each strive to extend our power over all space, competing with others on the same quest. In intentional contrast to Nietzsche, Crouch describes true power as the process of creating space for others to flourish. This, he says, is the vision we find in the Bible and represents power’s gift.

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