Offsite Review: Prototype by Jonathan Martin

Prototype by Jonathan MartinJames Matichuk is certainly the person I seem to link to most often on these offsite reviews. He reviews books that are interesting to me and he seems to have fairly similar taste to mine. (So follow his blog if you are not already.)

Jonathan Martin popped up in my radar several times over the past couple years.  He blogs at and several of his blogs have been passed around by people I know with topics as diverse as women in ministry, Obama, and pastoral celebrity.

So I was pleased that James Matichuk reviewed his new book well.  I have added it to my reading list.  Here is the first paragraph of James’ review:

Jonathan Martin is a pastor of a church with a trendy name (Renovatus) which ministers to people on the margins in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has a great head of hair, tells poignant stories of his own spiritual journey and those of his faith community. He cries a lot for kind of a big guy, quotes all the right books and likes all the right music (i.e. Bob Dylan, U2, Bruce Springsteen, etc.). These are all the sort of things that should make me suspicious. But then I found myself really enjoying his new book Prototype: What Happens When You’re More Like Jesus Than You Think.

reading the rest of the review at James’ blog

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