Offsite Review: The End of Our Exploring by Matthew Lee Anderson

One of the best young public Christian intellectuals that I know of is Matthew Lee Anderson.  He is the lead blogger at MereOrthodoxy and author of Earthen Vessels and now The End of of our Exploring: A Book About Questioning and the Confidence of Faith.

I started reading Anderson’s new book and while I have not finished (and probably won’t post a review until next week) this review by Aaron Armstrong captures the spirit of the book.

Also this week, Anderson and his publisher are having a buy one get one free sale (get a free ebook copy if you purchase a copy.  So read the review and then buy a copy.

Christians don’t really know what to do with questions. Some of us seem afraid to ask anything; others seem terrified to receive answers. But questions were never meant to be a source of angst nor a mask for unbelief.

In his new book The End of Our Exploring, Matthew Lee Anderson challenges us to examine the heart behind our inquiries and embrace the God-glorifying design of asking questions—to see them as opportunities to edify and encourage, to grow in our faith.

Better questions means better answers

After reading this book, one thing is abundantly clear: Anderson is a uniter. He finally brings “progressives” and “conservatives” together—but it’s not to hold hands and sing “Kumbuyah.” Instead, he recognizes that both are guilty of the same thing: simplistically approaching questions.

read the rest of the review at Blogging Theologically

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