Offsite Review: The Weight of Mercy: A Novice Pastor on the Streets

The Weight of Mercy

One of the things I have grown to learn about myself is that I thought I was much better at many things than I really am.  I have a degree in social work.  I worked during grad school at a long term rehab program for primarily homeless clients.  What I learned it that I am completely unsuited for most social work.  I still have a heart for it.  But I have grown up to be something I did not originally desire, a middle class suburban telecomuter that rarely sees, let alone works with the poor.

It is books like this that remind us that a problem out of sight is not a problem solved.

In the The Weight of Mercy Deb Richardson-Moore shares her journey as pastor of the Triune Mercy Center, a congregation in Greenville, SC which works with homeless people and families and individuals in transition. When she became their pastor she inherited a mission which fed, clothed and cared for the homeless and destitute. She also inherited a staff riddled with problems. Under her leadership Triune was transformed from a ‘mission’ which put a band-aid  street people’s problems to an organization which empowered people to leave the street and addiction.  Triune Center works to help addicts walk the road to recovery, help people find housing and help them find employment. Richardson-Moore shares her story of steps and missteps, hope and heartbreak as she works to bring about real transformation in the lives of Greenville homeless.

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