Offsite Review – Worshipping Trinity by Robin Parry

Worshipping Trinity: Coming Back to the Heart of WorshipNick Norelli found my review of The History of the Doctrine of the Trinity and commented, and because of that I found his blog.  Norelli writes about and reviews a lot on the trinity.  And since I am continuing my reading goal of reading more about the trinity this year I am reading a lot of reviews of books about the trinity.

This is a book about the importance of keeping the trinity at the heart of Christian worship.

There’s an apocryphal text called The Acts of John (ca. AD 150-200) in which Jesus is worshipped as God. This sounds rather innocuous until you read the text and notice that Jesus is worshipped as God simpliciter.1 For John the references to God are simply references to Jesus. James Dunn has recently said that if “Christian worship is defined too simply as worship of Jesus… [then it] can deteriorate into what may be called Jesus-olatry.”2 Dunn doesn’t fear the worship of Jesus so much as the worship of Jesus to the exclusion of God the Father, but if the Acts of John is any indication, it’s a legitimate, even if exaggerated fear.3

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