Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communication

Outspoken: Conversations on Church CommunicationTakeaway: Wide ranging book on practical, theological and theoretical importance of communication in the church world.

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Upfront this is not a normal review.  I did not read it as I normally read, I read it as I was prepping it for the kindle version.  I have not prepped and converted many books, just a handful, but I have done a few based on my own love of ebooks and the desire to get smaller independent books out to a wider audience.  Kevin Hendricks, one of the contributors, contacted me about working on Outspoken because I converted his last book, Open Our Eyes: Seeing the Invisible People of Homelessness.  Outspoken is a very similar style, lots of contributors, lots of short chapters.

I have worked in the church based non-profit world for a long time.  I have a MDiv, I used to work for a denomination, I currently run a small non-profit that consults with church based non-profits.  My father is a denominational staff, my brother and two uncles and an aunt are either pastors or retired pastors.  I am familiar with the issues of communication within the church.  And while I currently attend a megachurch, my last church had about 40 on a good Sunday.

Outspoken is a useful practical book on everything from why we should focus on communication, to the strategies of building microsites for specific events, to importance of limiting our communication to what is important.  It particularly has chapters on communication for small churches as well as large and multi-site churches.  I think that many small non-profits would also benefit from reading it as part of their own communications strategy.

It is only $4.99 on Kindle $1.99 on Kindle and $10.07 for paperback.  Gain wisdom from 60 different contributors that have been there, and are still working on it.

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