2 Short Reviews of Eugene Peterson Books

Before I started blogging on Bookwi.se I started tracking my books on Goodreads.com (social network for readers).  I have number of short reviews on Goodreads so as part of cleaning up my blog structure I am going to repost some of the shorts reviews from Goodreads.

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places by Eugene H. PetersonChrist Plays in Ten Thousand Places by Eugene Peterson

At first blush this seems very rambling and narrative. But he does a great job pulling things together to make a whole. The focus on the book is how and why we do Theology.  Overall, this is a book I highly recommend. He takes on topics of theology in a very practical every day manner. There will be a lot to disagree with for many, but he approaches things in a way that makes it understand not only his position but how he got there.

I am not sure that a lot of people that don’t have a fairly good background in theology would finish this book. But I do wish that the average Christian would be able to have training like this. It would make for much better Christians and a much better Church.

Eat This Book by Eugene H. PetersonEat This Book by Eugene Peterson

The focus of this volume is reading spiritually, primarily reading scripture. The first section deals with how we should be reading scripture. The second section deals with how scripture should be translated culturally (not just the words, but also in how we speak of scripture to others). He uses his work on the Message Bible as an illustration of how he really thinks about this. I highly recommend this book. This one was the most readable of the three books in this series that I have read so far.


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