Phenomenal Girl 5 by A. J. Menden

Phenomenal Girl 5Takeaway: This is a superhero/comicbook/romance novel.  No great take aways.  But a fun book.

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Almost ever fiction book I read I think I should be reading more fiction.  Fiction is fun.  It is great to just distract you or make you laugh or make you think.

Phenomenal Girl 5 (the first four were killed) is a young superhero.  She is working her way up the ranks and in line to join the big leagues, the Elite Hands of Justice.  Once she is hired to the EHJ she has to train with the Reincarnationist for two years.  The Reincarnationist is a brilliant wizard that is reincarnated each time he dies.  So he has lived hundreds of lives.  He is an ex-member of the EHJ but still takes responsibility for training the new recruits.

It is a pretty straight up story.  Girl tries to prove herself.  Guy almost loses girl.  They both realize they love one another.  Great tragedy almost drives them apart.  You get the story.  The comic book world of superheros is done well.  It is as much comic book novel as romance, but it definitely strays into both.  (The sex is fairly implied.  Nothing more than a PG 13 movie and probably less.)


I picked up when it was free on Kindle right after Christmas.  I am enjoyed a lot of books that way.  If you want to borrow it and have a kindle (or other device that will read kindle books) let me know.  I want to try out the kindle sharing feature.

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