Pound Foolish by Dave and Netta Jackson

Pound Foolish Windy CityI met a Christian screenwriter and producer a few years ago and he gave me a piece of advice I have never forgotten, “writing stories about faith cannot be treated like ketchup on a hot dog…something that can be wiped off. Writing stories about faith must be treated like an egg baked into a cake…something that’s impossible to separate”. Dave and Neta Jackson do this well.

The Jackson’s have written their fourth book in the Windy City Neighbor series. As with each tome, the primary character was a secondary character in a previous story, all of which take place on Beecham Street in a Chicago neighborhood. In Pound Foolish, the reader gets to know Greg Singer, a sports show coordinator for power boats, snowmobiles, jet skis, etc. Singer works very hard for his family, assuming a healthy bank balance and grand vacations are what his family requires.

When the recession hits Greg’s industry and he loses his job, he believes God wants to bless his family with incredible wealth. As he doubles down his efforts to provide for his family, dangerous opportunities present themselves both financially and relationally. Greg Singer may lose more than just his job.

I greatly enjoy the Jackson’s work. Neta Jackson is the acclaimed author of the Yada Yada Prayer Group series. Dave Jackson is the author of a companion series, the Yada Yada Brothers. Together the couple is authoring the Windy City Neighbor series. I appreciate the Jackson’s ability to put their characters in realistic situations the reader would have no problem identifying with. The endings of their stories can end on a positive note but in no way is everything perfect with everyone having a “happily ever after”. However, the stories always end with hope.

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