Princess of Wands by John Ringo

Princess of WandsSummary: Christian soccer mom fights demons and bad guys.

I have been in a reading rut for the last couple weeks.  It is not that I don’t have lots to read (I always have lots to read.)  It is that nothing is really all that interesting.  So I have been bouncing all over the place trying to find something that I want to read.

John Ringo is one of the authors I discovered because of Baen’s free ebook library (see link below).   Ringo writes all over the place.  He has a series of military science fiction.  Some light fantasy, some fantasy/science fiction mix, and a series of modern techno-thrillers (that have a lot of sex and verge on porn).

Princes of Wands is a bit of a deviation from all of those.  It is a collection of four short stories about a Christian soccer mom that fights demons and evil powers through the power of Christ.

Ringo is not a Christian from my understanding.  And this is not a book you read for theology.  It is more a soccer mom Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I read the first and half of the second short story and realized that it still was not what I wanted to read and stopped.  There wasn’t anything wrong with the books.  If you like Buffy style book pick this up, especially if you get the free ebook.

If you like that horror genre you also might be interested in Scott Nicholson (I have reviewed Red Church and Skull Ring) or the Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.  I always find it interesting when I read in the horror genre that many authors take very seriously the power of the church and God.  All three of these authors, even though I believe that none of them are Christians, write about the power of God in a way that few Christians really believe.  Of course the reason God has power for these book is that there is also a evil power as well.  But good does triumph over evil.

Princess of Wands Purchase Links: AudiobookPaperback, Free ebook from Baen at Fifth Imperium (post about Fifth Imperium from 2 years ago)

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