Pulpit Fiction by Dan Mayhew

Pulpit Fiction - a gallery of clerical errors and amusing grace (The Max Faction)Recommendation: Buy this short book of light church humor.  Everyone needs some humor in their weekend.

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I am not going to really review this because the author Dan Mayhew is a friend.  I saw on his blog this morning that he published one of his books on Amazon and Smashwords.  I immediately bought it and read it.

It is not long.  And it is only $2.99.  So go buy it and support the writing of a pastor and prayer leader in Portland.  What I am really looking forward to his his ‘submission’ book.  He has been working on it off and on for a while and I have read through one version of it.  Although I think he has completely  re-written it since then.  He has promised that it would be available ‘soon’.

(It is lendable, so if you have a kindle and don’t want to pay $2.99, let me know and I will loan it to you on kindle.  Lendable books on kindle can be loaned to one person for 14 days.  First come, first served.)

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