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Since I have shifted to an almost entirely review site from a free/sale books and review site, I have not posted often about sale books and barely all about free books. I still do not want to post about free books because other sites do that well. But I am going to keep a running post about the current books that are on sale that have been reviewed. I will keep a link to it on the top right of the blog but not keep it in the main feed once it drops off the main page ( keeps the 10 most recent posts on the main page.)

Please post in the comments if you notice a book that is no longer on sale that I have not removed from the list. The list is roughly in order of the date of sale with the most recent books at the top. Links are to the reviews, which have links to the sale. Almost all of the sales are kindle books. Non-kindle books are marked at audiobook or print.

Note: These are the reviews of books that have been reviewed by Not all of the reviews are positive reviews. Because it is on sale does not mean that I recommend you buy it. I am intentionally linking to reviews of books that I do not recommend that are on sale as well as the ones I recommend.

Note 2: Links are to the reviews, which have links to the sales at the bottom. Reviewed Books on Sale

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