Royal Blood by Rhys Bowen (A Royal Spyness Mystery #4)

Book Review: Royal Blood by Rhys BowenSummary: Georgie goes to a wedding in Transylvania.  I am sure no bodies will turn up. 

I am a big fan of fluff reading.  So turn the noses up at the idea of a book that does not fully engage the mind or bring up deep ideas.  I am certainly not opposed to big idea books.  But you just can’t only read big idea books, or you are distorting part of the purpose of reading.

Her Royal Spyness series is a light cozy mystery series.  They are set in the early 1930s with Georgie (the 34th in line to the throne) as the main character.  Her family is broke and she is trying to make it on her own.  But she keeps stumbling into (or being pushed by the Queen) into situations where she has to use her head to solve the mystery.

Royal Blood is the fourth book in the series.  And Georgie is starting to find her place as a detective.  Her would be boyfriend Darcy, (if they can ever get together), is clearly some sort spy/secret service agent.  There have been a number of hints, but it has not completely come out yet.  So he is good muscle and and a stabilizing force, but it is mostly Georgie that is solving the mysteries.

This is a cozy mystery, so I don’t expect any hard hitting crime drama.  But I think the books are better when Georgie is actually taking charge and investigating instead of just falling into situations.  At times Georgie’s lack of confidence and ‘woe is me’ attitude is over played.  She is a royal, she has been trained in all of the social niceties and she has been providing for herself for the past year now.  So some of the little girl issues need to start dropping away.

Darcy and Georgie do not end up together at the end of this book (but there is a better footing than the previous book.)  At some point the romance will be dragged out too long, but right now it is fine.  If I didn’t have my self imposed book buying ban in effect I would blow through the series.  But I do so it will probably be a little while before I get through the series.

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