Sacred Friendship Gathering

Last March, hosted a blog discussion of the book Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions by Dan Brennan. I also listed it as one of my books of the year.

cropped-jesusmarywpheaderv2-6Sacred Unions, Sacred Passions has the counter cultural idea that cross-gender friendship is actually important, should be encouraged, and should be championed by Christians.  I whole heartedly agree with the main thesis of the book, which is why I hosted the blog discussion and frequently talk about the book.

On April 27 and 28, Dan Brennan is going to be conviening a conversation about the ideas of Sacred Unions and I will be attending.  It happens to be right around the time I have to be in Chicago for work so I could easily attend.  But even if it had not I think I would have made an attempt.

The conference is a Friday Evening and Saturday and is only $50.  There are number of speakers that I have followed and interacted with online but have never met in person including: John Armstrong (author of Your Church is Too Small), Jim Henderson (The Resignation of Eve), Kathy Escobar (co-pastor of The Refuge and author of Down We Go: Living into the Wild Ways of Jesus), Katie Driver (with CMA and co-founder of Outreach to the Nations).

You can register at

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