Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Movie Review

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

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I am not going to turn this site into a movie review site.  But my wife and I used to watch a lot of movies.  We joined Netflix soon after it started and for a year or so our church small group was a movie watching group.  Five of the six in the group were in seminary or had recently graduated from seminary and working at a church.  We were all a bit burned out on the standard small group fare.  So we became “movie church”.  We had dinner and watched a movie one week and then had a long dinner and discussed the movie the next week.  We started with a book to walk us through several fairly obscure movies, but then let the group pick the movies and lead the discussion.  Netflix was perfect because we did not have to rent the same movie twice from Blockbuster, we just kept the Netflix movie for the two weeks for the group.

But then the group fell apart, we had two foster kids and we stopped Netflix and really have not been watching a lot of movies.  Once we got the iPad, we started the lowest subscription in order to stream shows for my nieces on the iPad.  But we have been getting one movie at a time.  That those movies have made me want to watch movies more often.

I was never all that cool growing up, and I never wanted to spend the money I did have on video games and comic books.  But I wanted to be cool and have video games and comic books.  I did spend a lot of time reading science fiction, history, westerns, and fantasy books.  So I get the jump into another person’s story, or the desire to be a hero that comes out of the movie.

The short plot description, is that Scott Pilgrim starts dating Ramona.  Ramona has seven evil ex’s that must be defeated before Pilgrim can continue to date.  And by defeated, I mean killed video game style.  The battles are classic video game/anime fight scenes.  Everyone thinks the fights are a bit odd, but doesn’t really question them happening, just why Pilgrim has to have the fights.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World ends up being a mix of video game hero and strange love story.  The special effects and popup descriptors add a lot of fun and humor to the movie.  Overall, I thought it was a great movie.   I may not really want to put the in the time and money to be a video game/comic book geek now, but as a “Geek Wanna Be” I was greatly entertained for 2 hours.

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