Scribd Adds 10,000 Comics and Graphic Novels

Today Scribd announced that in addition to their 30,000 Audiobooks and over 900,000 ebooks, they are adding 10,000 comic books and graphic novels to their subscription service. I have a full review of Scribd and another post about areas for improvement, but after almost 3 months, I have been very happy with my subscription.

There is a one month free trial (two months if you click on referral link), then the regular cost is $9.99 a month.

After having tried all three major subscription plans, I think Scribd is the best. The book selection is better than Kindle Unlimited and Oyster does not have audiobook or comic books. Not every book you will want to read is available. Books are mostly backlist (a year old or more) and not every publisher participates. But I have found more than enough to keep me busy reading.

You do need to read enough to justify the $9.99 a month cost because this is a borrowing, not purchase plan (once you stop paying, you no longer have access to the books.)

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