Second Shift – Order (Wool #7) by Hugh Howey

Summary: Now that we know the background of the silos, we return to a different perspective, the instigators.

One of the unique perspectives that Hugh Howey brings with this extended series is a way of writing a series that does not primarily rely on affiliation with the main character to move the story.  Instead while there are recurring characters in the books, mostly each new book has a new main character.

Done poorly this will mean that the author has to reacquaint you with the story and draw you into the character that you are now reading (and waste a lot of time for the reader in repetition).  But with the Wool/Silo series Howey has used this method to move through a lot of time and tell the story from a wide variety of perspectives.

Donald, has now been awakened for his second shift.  He awakes to the post-apocalypse and find out one of the authors of the apocalypse has committed suicide and all indications are the he believed that Donald is the only one that can keep the project on track.

In this book more than others, the theme of the sacrifice of the few for the needs of the many is at the forefront.  Instead of the speech that Spock made at the end of the Wrath of Khan movie where he sacrifices himself for the sake of the rest of the ship, the characters in this book that are being sacrificed do not choose voluntarily, and mostly do not even know that there is a danger, or if they do they do not really understand the danger.

This continues to be a fun series.  As of now there is only one more book that has been completed.  So I am going to wait for a little while before I read it and come to the end.

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