Send to Kindle App (For Windows PCs)

Amazon released an app to make getting your documents from your computer to your kindle just a bit easier.  It only works on Windows PCs, but seems to work well and I would guess that it will be released on other platforms soon.

I frequently use email to send documents to my kindle, which is fairly easy, but there are some good reasons to use the app.

  • It allows you to specify whether you want the document to be delivered over wifi (free) or whispernet (paid)
  • It allows you to specific which kindle on your account it should go to (or you can send to multiple kindles)
  • You can send one or many documents at the same time
  • It allows you to archive the document in your Amazon Cloud storage
  • It allows you to rename and specify the author as you send the document

I do not use a Windows PC, but I installed on my Mac in a Windows partition.  I tried it out and if there were a native Mac app I would most likely use it instead of email to send documents.

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