Sony 13.3 inch Ereader

This week is SID Display week, a trade show for display makers.  The guys at Goodereader are at the show looking at the new displays for ereaders.

Sony has a new 13.3 inch prototype reader using a new Eink screen.  The device itself is only 12.6 oz (only 4 ozs more than a Kindle Paperwhite, while more than quadrupling the screen size.)  The screen by itself is only weighs 16 grams and is flexible and does not require a glass screen.

This is still a prototype but Sony hopes to commercially release a model by the end of the year.

The large screen is focused on large format PDF documents and will be targeted toward business and technical uses and education.  It also allows you to use a pen to notate the device and finger touch navigation.

(After I original wrote up this post, I saw that Goodereader had a follow up post where they interacted with the 13.3 inch ereader on their own.  The pictures are better with this one.)

Here is a video from Good Ereader with a (slightly awkward) demonstration from an Eink employee.

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