Space Boy by Orson Scott Card (and Audible Channels))

Space Boy by Orson Scott CardSummary:  An 8th grade boy discovers that his mother hasn’t abandoned the family, but been sucked into a wormhole.

My paying job involves program evaluation for an after school program. I am working on doing data entry for 3rd quarter grades (nearly 1000 students) right now. So I need something to help pass the time.

Audible started a new free feature for members last week, Audible Channels. This is basically curated podcasts. There are news, lectures, short stories, actual podcasts that you can get other places. One of the parts I am paying attention to are the ‘7 Days of…’ channels. These are short stories from famous authors. Right now Anton Chekhov, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde and Philip K Dick all have seven short stories.

Space Boy is in the Sci-Fi section. There are several other about 1 hour short stories.

Space Boy is a decent, stand alone short story. It is more oriented toward young adult readers, although the characters get great joy out of saying anus throughout the story (the wormhole has an in and an out side, which is referred to as the mouth and the anus.)

This isn’t a earth shattering short story, but it is free and I spent some time listing to other short stories as I was doing data entry as well. If you are a member of Audible, you should check them out.

But also the Harvard Business Review stories, Foreign Affairs Magazine, TED Talks, and a number of other interesting channels.

Space Boy by Orson Scott Card: Audible

Audible Channels

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