Spirit of Love: A Trinitarian Theology of Grace by Amos Yong

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Some authors really do bring a different and fresh perspective on things.  Amos Yong is one of those authors.  He wrote a good book on the Books of Acts in comparison to the book of Luke, focusing on how the Holy Spirit empowers us to do some of the things that Christ did while on earth.  Very biblically focused and readable.

He also has what I have heard is an incredible book on theology and Down Syndrome (which I have not read) and then another less academic treatment with The Bible, Disability and the Church: A New Vision of the People of God.

So when I saw that his book Spirit of Love: A Trinitarian Theology of Grace was in the Amazon Kindle Lending Library, I picked it up.  I read a decent amount of it, but did not finish it before I needed to return it.  I have been meaning to get back to read it but I saw a blog review of it on Robert Cornwall’ blog and he did a much better job reviewing it than I would have.  So I am just linking to his review.

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