Spycatcher by Matthew Dunn

Spycatcher (Spycatcher Novel #1)Summary: A super spy saves the United States from a really bad terrorist.

Spy novels, with very few exceptions, have the same basic story line.  There are bad guys (modern spy novels it is usually either China or Islamic terrorists, old spy novels it is the Soviet Union or other Eastern Block countries).

The spy does a lot of bad things, but he (and it is usually he) feels bad about them, wants to quit but has to keep doing the spy things to keep the world safe because no one else can do the job as well as he can.

There are twists.  One of the good guys is actually a bad guy, one of the bad guys is actually a good guy, or something like that.

Often there are vaguely conservative political and universal anti-institution themes.

Spycatcher does not break any of the conventions.  Will Cochrane is a super spy.  (In fact, in this book there can only be one person with the designation “Spartan” at a time.  Even 007 has others with 00 designations.)

Cochrane keeps going in spite of bullet wounds and beatings.  There is a beautiful woman that needs protecting and that he would like to settle down with sometime in the future.  (This spy novel is not nearly a sexist as James Bond novels are.)

If you like spy novels, you will probably like this one.  It is written well.  Matthew Dunn was a real MI6 agent before he became a writer.  It is the first of a series and right now the kindle version is only $0.99.

Spycatcher Purchase Links: Paperback, Kindle Edition, Audible.com Audiobook

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