Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff

I have been reading Jon Acuff since before he started Stuff Christians Like blog. That is both good and bad. It is good because it means that I am a fan. I pre-ordered the book. I knew the type of humor I was going to get. Early in the book Jon says that there is a bias against humor among Christians. He is right. There are not that many Christians that are really good at humor. Sure there are some that are good at the cute story that they can turn into the sermon illistration. But not many are really funny.

I am not a laugh out loud guy.  I actually had a friend that wanted to try to make me spontaneously laugh out loud and get mad (not at the same time).  She has not been able to do either.  So I am not trying to be too critical when I say I didn’t laugh out loud.  (This is the only book that has the tag “humor” on the blog.)  But I did spontaneously smile several times.  I like his writing style.  If you have grown up in the Evangelical church you will like this.  This has lots of mild sarcasm, but none of the biting, bitter humor that some will not like.

I honestly stayed home from a prayer meeting that I had been invited to (and probably should have gone to) because I wanted to finish the book.

The negative side of following Jon Acuff is that the book uses some of the web content.  So if you read the blog regularly or even fairly occasionally, you will recognize some of the book.  That is inevitable with blog to book writers.

I have been in a book funk.  I don’t think I am out of it.  But I am applying lots of fiction and some humor and hopefully I will be better in a few days.

Stuff Christians Like is worth buying.


Update: christianaudio is offering Stuff Christians like for free during the month of April 2010.  You need to use the coupon code APR2010 and this link.

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