Sun of Suns by Karl Schroeder

This is another free book from  I am not linking because it has been removed from the site.  I have never heard of the author before.  It is a great example of Free being used to introduce people to authors.  Evidently Schroeder isn’t a new author.  He has 12 books (including three in this series so far.)

This book has a fairly common theme among science fiction.  The main character’s parents are killed when he is young.  He grows up with uncommon focus (based on the desire to kill the man who he thinks is responsible for killing his parents.)  The universe the book is set in is actually an artificial creation that you discover is a giant hollow ball with “countries’ that are space stations spinning to maintain gravity.

Eventually you learn that there are some that know they are in an artificial universe and there are some both inside and outside the artificial universe that want to shut it down.  It isn’t in this book, but it seems there is a freedom of choice issue going on in the confrontation between this world and the outside.

The story proceeds fairly well and the narration is good.  I will probably pick up later books in the series, especially since they are fairly cheap in kindle versions.

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