Super Famous (Ms Marvel Vol 5) by GW Wilson

Ms Marvel Volume 5: Super Famous book reviewSummary: Ms Marvel is actually starting to grow into her role as a super hero. But fame doesn’t give her more time or energy to devote to what is important in life.

I am having problems finding time to write reviews, let alone actually read the books. I picked up the latest Ms Marvel collection, Super Famous, because the whole series is on sale for $3.99 each right now. Saturday night while I waiting to make sure my son was going to fall asleep before rejoining the rest of my family at my mother in law’s cabin I quickly read through the 100 pages of comics that are in the collection.

I like comics, but as much as I find the art interesting and love seeing the way that the comic method allows for a different type of story telling than just straight text, I still mostly read comics for the story.

In Super Famous, Ms Marvel is now a part of the Avengers (her work with them is mostly off screen). She is still in high school. She still has over protective parents (she is a second generation Pakistani Muslim immigrant, which is such an important thread to what makes this series so good.) She still is trying to figure out how to deal with the ramifications of her power and the weight of responsibility that comes with them.

Like many of us that feel a real calling, she is biased toward her work as important instead of toward her family and friends who energize who she is to allow her to do the important things. It is a fairly straight forward story arc. Ms Marvel comics are good not because they are completely unique or complicated but because they project fairly standard issues of adolescence, responsibility, relationships, etc on a unique figure and allow the mundaneness of her real problems to contrast with the extraordinariness of her powers.

Of the series of five, I think Super Famous is my second or third favorite.

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