The Adventures of the Brothers Brave and Noble by Cynthia Hampton

What if our childhood imaginary friends are real?

Noble Hewlett encounters this very situation when he finds himself magically transported from his home to a realm called The Existence. Here in this fantastical land, Noble learns his imaginary friend is real. The Existence is populated with creatures from the imaginations of children like Noble and his older brother, Brave; talking raccoons, a boy with lightning fast speed, a gigantic bear who won’t eat you as long as you don’t scream, and fairy-like girls with mother-hearts are just a small sampling of the residents of The Existence. “Friends”, as they are known in this land, are in trouble and need assistance to take down the villain, Quedro.

The Adventures of Brothers Brave and Noble is a wonderfully imaginative book set in a Narnia-esque environment. I do not read fantasy or science fiction novels very often so I must confess I had to work to let my inner child out and take over my imagination as I read. Once I was able to fully immerse myself, I found The Adventures of Brothers Brave and Noble to be an enjoyable and engaging story.

This is the first novel by independent author, Cynthia Hampton. The story was birthed from the bedtime stories she and her young sons would create each night. Hampton has created a terrific tale that has the potential to be a wonderful series for upper-grade school and young adult readers.

And now for the best part: thanks to the generosity of the author, we have one copy of The Adventures of the Brothers Brave and Noble to give away to one lucky recipient. To enter, please leave a comment and tell us what your favorite book was as a child and why. Winners will be announced on Thursday at 5 PM.

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As a child, my favorite book was The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. My teacher would read to us every day from this book when I was in the fourth grade. I loved it and read it myself when school was out for summer that year. I could picture myself down at the creek making a flutter wheel in the cool water as the boy Jodie did. I was often barefoot myself as he was running over the sandy dirt roads where I lived in southern Georgia. A wonderful book for children and adults alike about a time of innocence and safety growing up that I am afraid is long gone. I read it with my two daughters as they were growing up and again as an adult. I did not realize there was a movie until I was almost an adult. I have since given it for birthday and Christmas gifts to young folks. I am by the way, 64 years old.

I actually read the instructions this time.

I loved anything by Roald Dahl as a kid, but especially “Danny, the Champion of the World.” It’s hilarious and heartwarming, and full of brilliant and witty dialogue. It’s a story with such magic and excitement.

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