The Monster at the End of the Book (iPad App Book Review)

 Summary: My favorite of the iPad books

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Regular readers of this blog know that I am a nanny for my two nieces.  They have just turned 4 and 2.5.  I bought an iPad right after it came out and they have been the largest users of it.

We play lots of games on it, and the 2.5 year old really likes to read books on it.  But I rarely actually read books with her.  Usually she read parts of them herself.  She knows how to turn on the narration and turn the pages.  But at 2.5 she rarely finishes a whole book. The four year old also rarely finishes a book, but she is more interested in the games than the books.

I randomly stumbled on The Monster at the End of this Book and bought it more out of my own nostalgia than anything else. (It was also on sale for $0.99).

Both girls are very engaged in the story.  Now that they know that Grover at the end of the book, they laugh and giggle and are thrilled to get to the end of the book.

They were a bit concerned initially, but I sat with them a number of times and they now like to read it on their own.

When I put in the purchase links, I saw that the hardcover book and the current iPad app price are the exact same ($3.99).  I always have a problem paying as much, or more for a digital copy, than a I do for a physical copy.  (Since I originally wrote this review, the app has gone on sale again for $0.99).

I really do recommend it.  The animations of the app kept the original 1970s feel and still took advantage of the interactiveness of the iPad.  I really do recommend it, but I would recommend watching the price with one of the ipad app watchers (I use app shopper) and picking it up next time it goes on sale..

Here is a link to another review that shows some of the animation.  The review is a bit dated several asked for features are now there.

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