The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer

Cover of "The Pursuit of God"

Cover of The Pursuit of God

Takeaway: A very readable classic about how to pursue after God.

I like Christian biographies.  I use them quite often as both inspiration and devotional.  One of my favorite biographers is Lyle Dorsett.  He was a professor at Wheaton College when I was there, although I never had a class with him.  He writes biographies, not just as history, but for use by Christians as a learning tool.  These are not hagiography (presenting the subject as perfect-saints) but real looks at real people.

I have read several of the books by Dorsett and when I saw one on A. W. Tozer last spring, I picked it up.  I really knew nothing about Tozer before the biography (my review).

Soon after I read the biography of Tozer had The Pursuit of God as a free audiobook.  The book is brief, just under 100 pages in paper.  But it is a full and rich look at the Christian life.

If you are serious about seeking after God, this book will give you both inspiration and real theological meat about how we can actively seek after God.

Tozer makes a distinction between salvation and pursuit.  He believes we can be saved, but then do nothing to purse God after our salvation.  He says we are given the power to pursue God by the Holy Spirit, but we have to respond to God get the benefit of the Holy Spirit’s power.  It is a very orthodox (small O) book, but shows where Christian culture and orthodoxy can sometimes differ.  I am going to add it to my Read Again list.  It is richer than what the audio really allows.

Because it is in the public domain, you can get a free electronic copy from Project Gutenberg or other site.  There is only one Kindle version and it is $0.89.  I went ahead and purchased it instead of the free copy for ease of use.  But Project Gutenberg has several versions that will work on your Kindle (or Nook, or Sony Reader, etc.)


Grover Gardner narrated the audiobook.  He is one of my favorite narrators.  And because he has narrated so many theological books that I love, I think I have made him (or his voice) into the uber-Christian intellectual.  He is Richard Foster, Eugene Peterson, EM Bounds, AW Tozer, RC Sproul, and a host of others, all rolled into one.  But he also narrates lots of fiction.  I am also listening to a science fiction book right now he is narrating and it can be unintentionally funny to listen to one narrator reading several very different books at the same time.

The Pursuit of God Purchase Links: Hardback, Paperback, Kindle Edition, Project Gutenburg Free Ebook Edition, Audiobook, Audiobook
Purchase note: This book is in the public domain in the US.  You can freely share the words, but the audio versions are copyrighted as a new work.


Thanks for the tip. Will go load the project Gutenberg version onto my Kindle.

I agree on the audiobook narrator thing. It can be quite weird hearing the same narrator do quite different works.

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