The Sphinx At Dawn: Two Stories by Madeleine L’Engle

The Sphinx At Dawn: Two Stories by Madeleine L'EngleSummary: Two short stories about Jesus as a child in Egypt.

I have been reading Madeline L’Engle’s Crosswick Journals. These are a series of four memoirs that are thematic, but tracing a summer at her rural Connecticut home. She and her husband lived there for seven years early in their marriage before returning back to New York City to live full time (her husband was an actor.)

But during the summers they mostly lived at Crosswick. I am almost finished with the second of them and I have very much enjoyed her wisdom and understanding more about her as a person as she recounts her story and the story of her family.

So I am picking up anything that she has written as it goes on sale. (A digital publisher has picked up digital rights to many of her out of print books and has been releasing them over the past year.) The Sphinx At Dawn was released in February and briefly on sale a couple weeks ago.

It is just two short stories (less than 50 pages total), so I think over priced when not on sale. The first short story is about Jesus and a local boy in Egypt. The boy is somewhat wealthy in comparison to Jesus, but he is not happy and Jesus befriends him and serves him. The boy returns Jesus’ love and attention by stealing from him.

The second story is about Jesus riding a camel (from the first story) and coming upon the Sphinx. The Sphinx asks Jesus riddles and Jesus answers.

Neither of the stories are particular profound. But they are both enjoyable as short stories. It is something that I would not highly recommend, but if you run across them on sale they are worth picking up.

The Sphinx At Dawn: Two Stories by Madeleine L’Engle Purchase Links: Kindle Edition

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