The Year I Almost Drowned by Shannon McCrimmon

The Year I Almost Drowned by Shannon McCrimmon

Summary: 19 Year old Finn just found her grandparents, the love of her life and started college. 

A couple weeks ago I went on cruise.  I did almost nothing except sit by the pool (or in the pool) and read.  Except for when I was sitting on our balcony reading. It was very nice.

I had decided before leaving that I just wanted to read fiction and relax.  So I loaded my kindle with about 75 fiction books and didn’t make a plan.

One of the books was The Summer I Learned to Dive.  I chose it primarily because I liked the cover.  It was a vacation and I was looking for beach reading.

The Summer I Learned to Dive told the story of how Finn found her grandparents, realized that all she had been preparing for was not really what she wanted to do with her life.  And she found Jesse, a boy of her dreams.

In The Year I Almost Drowned there has to be something to break that perfection.  A family tragedy happens, her college experience is not what she hoped it would be (although it gets better as things go on) and Jesse breaks things off with her.

Finn discovers again that she is stronger than she thought, that with people to support her, she can do quite a bit.  And she realizes that she does not really have it all together and it is alright to admit that sometimes.

This is a young adult romance, things end well, but there really wasn’t much that made me think they would not end  well as it all went along.

As with most romance books that I have read, it mostly comes down to people not talking because they think they are protecting the other person.  And by ‘protecting them’ they actually end up driving them away.  It would be cliché if it were not so common in real life.

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