This is Who I Am: Our Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes by Rosanne Olson note: I inadvertently pulled the wrong review off of Goodreads and posted it last week. This is actually Teressa Sinnett’s review. I apologize for the mistake.
This Is Who I Am: Our Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes

I come from a conservative background, meaning; naked bodies were equated with seductive intent. This book enabled me to see that nakedness has many faces, one of which is simple transparency.

The women in this book bare their souls which is much more revealing then their unclothed bodies as they discuss the love/hate, acceptance/rejection they’ve experienced from themselves and others in relation to their body size and shape.

I strongly recommend this book for men and women to assist them in embracing the human experience of truly seeing and accepting people as they are beyond as they appear.

This is Who I Am Purchase Links: Hardcover (discounted price of $10.38 as of posting)

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