The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl #6) by Eoin Colfer

The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl, Book Six)Summary: Artemis’s mother is sick.  And some how she has a magical sickness that can only be cured by a now extinct lemur.  Artemis’ 10 year old self was responsible for killing that last lemur.  He has to go back in time and stop himself.

Time Paradoxes are always fuel for science fiction.  The fact that you can in your future change something in your past both is an interesting idea, but also something that we all would like to do.

Artemis is continuing to mature in this series.  Because he gets to see himself as a 10 year old he has a chance to really evaluate where he has come from and his changing values.

The former master criminal no longer wants to steal from everyone, or cause ecological damage or hurt people.  That leaves very few crimes that he can commit without pangs of conscious.

This book also brings about some changes in Holly and Artemis’ relationship.  It has been hinted at before but there are some definite changes.

There is a twist that I didn’t see coming, but others may.  Before the twist I thought the book was lagging a bit.  Once the twist occurred, the resulting time paradox really comes out and the book comes to full force.  This also gives a hint about why Artemis originally started looking for the fairies.

I enjoyed this one more than the Lost Colony and have already started book 7.  (I apologize to everyone that is tired of Young Adult books. More Theology is coming up this week.)

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